I got root canal treatment done at R.R. Dental n' Maxillofacial Clinic & Jaw Joint care center, Surat. This was my first experience of any kind of dental treatment and there was some hesitation too, but the efficiency of the skilled doctors was such that the overall treatment was completed smoothly and without any difficulty. Apart from root canal, facilities for treatment of other complex diseases of teeth and even surgery are available here. If one has to get any type of dental treatment done in Surat, then I strongly recommend that the opinion of the skilled doctors here must be taken once.
Kuldeep Sanadhya
15 Sep 2022
Dr Rishi Bhat is really expert Oral Surgeon. He extracted my wisdom tooth. I had very less pain.
Pallavi Deshpande
1 Sep 2022
Dr rishi was fabulous at his job ! Great work done by him & his team ! Thanks alot to Dr rishi !
anjali jariwala
5 Aug 2022
Dr risshi bhatt is excellent treatment for tooth extraction and very good cooperative.
Santosh Vasave
18 July 2022
Totally happy and content with line of treatment and explanation about it. Kind and humble doctors and staff make it overall a great experience.
Dhwani Patel
10 June 2022
I had a smooth experience with Dr. Rishi bhatt. I went for trouble with my wisdom tooth and he explained all the problem nicely. Satisfied with the treatment received and will definitely suggest him to my friends & family.
Reshma Jain
15 March 2022
I am 65 years old. Have done dental treatment so many times. All were good doctors. At present I am undergoing dental treatment at RR. I have found Dr Rishi Bhatt's and Madam's style of treatment different. They have guided properly, given personal attention and even in first two sittings I felt difference and satisfactory improvement Will be pleased to write more after completion of treatment and recovery.
Babulal Jain
2 Feb 2022
I had an onset case of tinnitus and it was ruining my life, and no doctor in the UK was providing me with a solution, I was losing the will to live, it was so sudden and random, and i desperately needed some kind of a solution. At the same time as tinnitus, I also had some jaw clicking, and was suffering from pain in my head, and neck and shoulders. I decided to go to India for treatment, and went to a bunch of ENT doctors who couldnt provide me with a solution. I then decided to go to a jaw specialist, Rishi Bhatt, and finally I found a diagnosis and solution, I was in fact suffering from TMJ, and this led to my tinnitus. He helped me so much, I did muscle therapy and worked on my posture, I also got a retainer since my muscles in jaw were strained on one side, the pressure from this caused me to get sounds and a constant ringing in my ear. After some treatment, the sound reduced, and so did my pain. I did treatment for quite a few months. Now I feel so much better, i still have tinnitus but it is way too quiet to bother me, I have no body pain, and I can sleep well at night too. I feel like I can actually live my life once again so thanks Dr Rishi.
20 Jan 2022
Make us feel fine as family members.
22 May 2017
Good docters, good treatment. Cooperating nature and very caring about patient.
14 March 2017
Dr. Rachana and Dr. Risshi understands our complaints in detail and gives the best possible solution in routine as well as cosmetic dentistry. Both of them provides the treatment with utmost precision and perfection and makes sure that the patient is comfortable throughout. Staff also is highly skilled. Overall the experience has been highly satisfactory, kudos to the team. I highly recommend RR Dental & Maxilofacial Clinic for any Dental related treatment.
06 October 2016
Very professional service. Discussed various procedures. Would recommend to others.
23 May 2016

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